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Jun 1, 2007
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Got a question about NSI Glaze n Go that's been bugging me and I hope someone can help me out with :)

I am a Creative tech and normally finish by buffing solar oil in with a koala and then either use a shiner or normal topcoat.

With this it says to use a 180 file then dust off filings and apply then cure - so when would I use the solar oil ? After ? But then would it penetrate as the gel is file off so I presume is non-porous ?

Thanks in advance :hug:
Hi, I was using glaze n go when I used Moxie and perfect colours, I filed with 180, then smoothed over a little with the white block buffer, thin coat of glaze n go then cure. Solar oil aftrer cure, I tend to buff mine in sligtly with a chamois,,,,,,probable because I use too much oil, but the clients love it.
I have now switched to fusion and find it fantastic, easy to file, and buffs to a high gloss shine in seconds with their relective glosser.
Glaze n Go is a fab product. Yes, oil after curing. x
I used to use glaze and go and really like it, but I've recently got new one - super sealer by Kinetics which works in the same way. I love it!!

It goes on just like polish and will still be super shiny in 2 weeks....as long as u cure it for the correct time. havent had a problem with it yet.

oil goes on after.

Sam xx
i brought a bottle of glaze and go and then stopped using it when i when back to using it it found it was curing under my lamp. My gels were curing so i wasn't my bulbs, i have kept it away from sunlight and have shaken it before use, has anyone else had this problem.
I love glaze n go - put on oil afterwards.
Thanks everyone - so will the oil penetrate through the glaze and go like it would normally ?
Thanks everyone - so will the oil penetrate through the glaze and go like it would normally ?

it will penetrate the nail around the margin at the cutilce and side walls.