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Jul 2, 2017
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Hi everyone, I have been using gelish for a good few months now, I have some people who’s gelish last 2-3 weeks but then others are only getting about 10 or so days. I have spoke to the ones who’s have chipped/peeled and they’ve said they haven’t used their cuticle oil much or have been wearing gloves when washing up. Could this be the case? I’m so worried it’s something I’m doing but then I think if it was surely it would be happening to all clients not just a few? Any advice would be very helpful. My routine is - removal(if any), file, cuticle work, remove any loose bits of cuticle by buffing slightly and making sure top of nail were has been filed is smooth, cleanser, apply bond, scrub base coat, cure 5 secs, dry brush, colour, cure 30 secs, colour, cure 30 secs, top coat, cure 30 secs, wipe, apply solar oil. I use the gelish 18g lamp, all products are from Sally’s so are genuine. Thank you x


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Nov 1, 2017
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Hi :) yes I would guess a main reason it's not lasting the full 3 weeks is lack of moisture and not wearing gloves :) but could also be daily activity level. I use Lilly Nails gel polish and usually it looks great when they come back for new gel polish after 3 weeks, but I've got one lady who only gets around 10-12 days unfortunately, but she works with horses and a lot of manual labour with her hands... You could advice them to do use oil and gloves, even gifting them a small oil to use (if they are regulars). It might earn their gratitude (yet cost you very little) and hopefully they will take your advice on board. I usually "rub" the base coat in just like you mentioned you do, which makes all the difference. If the chipping is at free edge, have you tried turning the brush the opposite way and sealing the free edge that way? It seems like you do everything right and most your clients get a good 2-3 weeks wear, so I think it's just those few that need to follow after care better. :)

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