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May 24, 2010
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Hi All,

Would be greatful for any advice here.

I recently trained at local college using NSI L&P and did a conversion course and using NSI Illusion Gel.

My query is, is that I only have one colour and no other colours available to buy till sometime in August. I have clients waiting to have Gels done with colour and wondering if there is any way round it?

When we were training we were told we could use polish between base and top coat as a temp measure, but it doesnt work and top coat doesnt cure or when removing tacky layer it removes the polish as well.

Also When applying NSI Illusion colour, when removing residue it removes the colour aswell meaning that i end up applying loads of colour gel to get an even finish. Is this normal or am i doing something wrong?

I was really excited to learn how to use Gel but its been nothing but trouble and feel little down hearted. I have watched videos on youtube to see where im going wrong but i do the same as they do. Am i best to change to the balance Gels?:confused:

Thanks all
Your top gloss will not cure over a polish. If you need to use polish I would advise to use it at the end, over top of your gel enhancement.

As far as your colour gel coming off when you wipe, there should be no need to remove the tacky layer before applying your top gloss.

Steps for using Illusion colour gel
1. prep nail - use Nailpure Plus
2. Apply illusion primer
3. Apply base gel cure 1 minute
4. Do not remove tacky layer
5. Apply illusion colour gel cure 2 minutes
6. Apply second coat of colour gel to get richer coverage cure 2 minutes
7. Do not remove tacky layer
8. Apply top gel or shine gel cure 2 minutes
9. remove tacky layer with cleanse and apply nurture oil

Thank you, Thats what i thought with the polish. Might have to make a complaint about the college training as we had been told loads that doesnt make sense and when putting it all into practise it makes us look unprofessional.

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