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Oct 15, 2009
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Hi all

hoping someone can help me i have recently started to use line out and 2 people that had infills at the beginining of last week have said that they are lifting. I cant find any more info on line out other than what is on the nsi website and it wasn't something i used when training i just like the appeal of it so i would really appreciate some help in how this product is used to get the best results.

would really appreciate any help :)
I use line out sometimes but haven't had any problems with it. Are you using your primer before of after the line out?
Wait for it ... wait for it .... I'm waiting for the line out back lash ! lol !

If you are getting lifting maybe its your application or prep ? but good question, when areyou using you line out ? I have used line out a few times when I just cant get rid of that little line and its been great, I would only use it on a teeny tiny awkward line that I really cant remove, and yes, I do file correctly and no, I dont have hardly any lifting at all , but sometimes if I do ( usually on heavy handed ladies or avid gardners ) and I just cant get that line to dissapear I do use line out hth
thanks for taking the time to reply i am filing then dehydrating then using line out i have not used primer DOH!!! could that be my problem??

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