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Jan 8, 2004
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South Yorkshire
I've just been reading Scratch Mag and come across an advert for Line Out by NSI. I trained with Creative about a year ago and there was never any mention of a similar product by them. Very occassionally my clients still have a faint line where the rebalance was performed. Should or could this product be used or should I avoid it like the plague ????
I would prefer to stick to Creative products as I've found them to be the best !
Thank you
Hi Debbie,
If you do a search you should find we chatted about it a long while ago.
I trained with NSI products and I used to use it but I wouldn`t recommend it as it tends to make the enhancement go yellow. Creative don`t do a similar product.
Hi Debs

I would stay well clear of line out for a start there is just no need for it when blending tips make sure you are filing just above the line and the line will disapear viola :)

Take care Dawnie xx
Excellent. Thought that would be the answer but didn't want to be missing out on a fab (??) product if it worked !!!
Will be more vigilant with my filing. 90% of my rebalances turn out just fine - it's the odd few that drive me potty !!
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