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Aug 7, 2003
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sudbury suffolk
Hello every one

I have recieved my NVQ folder from Ant, Can i start on it or should i speak to my assesor first before i start any units, I know i need to book some dates up with my assesor for the workshops.

I just wanna get stuck into my favourite subject.


Cazza :D :D
You should have a preliminary meeting with your Assessor first and discuss and work up an Action Plan.

No harm in looking and starting to do any research but she will give you a formal AP to follow and explain the whole process to you. NVQ is very formal and structured (at least it is supposed to be).

Don´t forget there is a vast amount of NVQ info available free on the Designer Nails web site (www.designernails.com) and it is formatted element by element to make it easy for you to find the info you want to complete your assignments. A great tool ...use it please.
I have just finished my NVQ and the information I got on Designer Nails' website was invaluable. As Geeg mentioned, it is layed out in the 4 elements so is easier to use. It doesn't give you the answers (well what would be the point :shock: !!) but it does give lots of information that you can use and word in your own way.

I thought I knew a lot when I started doing my NVQ but when I got really stuck into it I panicked because it was so involved.

I'm waiting for my results which I'm hoping to get any day but I'm sure you'll do really well at it.

A quick bit of advice, write all your answers in pencil first as if you make any mistakes they're easier to correct. Then when you're fully happy with every answer rub it out and write it in pen. (Only rub a bit out at a time so you don't forget what you wrote!!!!!)
Cheers guys I look forward to starting it.

:D :D :D
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