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Jun 30, 2010
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Hey everyone, I have had a little look on this site and can't seem to find the answers I was looking for so thought I'd see if anyone can help at all!

I have been using the O.P.I Axxium soak off gel lacquers since March and have only very recently introduced it into my salon.

Prior to this I did a lot of practice on family and friends and all but one had no problems with the nails.

Since introducing it we have had 3 clients all of whom have gone for the same shade.
The first client had problems with them chipping as did the second client.
The third client has had chipping and two of them completely came off on one hand.

I've been following all of the routine exactly, prep work, capping etc. So I can't understand what is going wrong.

The other week I did a set on one of my friends and they had no problems at all!

Has anyone else had this sort of problem with the Axxium soak off gels before? Could it be possible that this particular colour is faulty? Help!

Are you completely stirring the pot of color each time you use it? I mean digging all the way to the bottom and turning it over. Between that and thin layers, they are really the only things I can think of. Are you speaking of Lincoln Park after Dark or Alpine Snow? Those two seem to have the most pigment in them in my experience and require the most care when applying.
Hey, thanks for the reply!

Yes I do stir everytime and it still happens?!
It's cajun shrimp I've had the problems with. I've actually found Lincoln park after dark to be one of the most successful out of all of them oddly!

All of the clients had had biosculpture before and they all said that lasted well for 3 weeks.

I'm wondering if biosculpture is actually better than the O.P.I axxium gels!?
very strange! i love using cajun shrimp, it always goes on great and i never have any problems with it. are you making sure you cap it at the free edge? ive found with axxium is does differ from client to client. some times it last weeks and other times it isnt so great. it totslly depends on the person and what they are doing. i still love it though.
Hey, Yes I cap the free edges:cry:

You are right it should vary for each client!
I know for sure the second client was a bit of a picker as she even said to me that she couldn't have normal polish for that reason.

The last client was moving house and so said she had been thrashing them about a bit lifting boxes etc, and the ones that were damaged were all on her right hand and she was right handed.

But even with those two factors isn't it supposed to withstand certain knocks etc? From what I've heard from these clients biosculpture is indestructable!?

I'm doing a test on one of my friends with cajun shrimp and so far it is fine, it's baffling!! lol.
What mrsm says is true, not every product is for every person. If they have longer nails they are more liable to chip or crack the product without a more sturdy underlayment of product. And I don't believe the other product is "indestructable", but it may be more agreeable to her--specifically. I'm not sure I am believin' that though. Haha. I think her nails might be a little long and she is particularly hard on them--particularly if it is her dominate hand!

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