Occo set to make significant spa waves


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Mar 24, 2010
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A new spa lifestyle brand, dubbed the biggest launch of its kind for 20 years, is slated for release in September.

Occo, inspired by the beauty of Croatia, is a new natural luxury spa brand with big ambitions. From 1 September consumers will be able to pick from an extensive range of 65 bodycare, skincare and lifestyle products, laden with natural plants, flowers and spices. Each formulation will be at least 95% naturally formed. But that’s not all. For each of the seven product ranges, seven branded Occo spas are to be built in Croatia that bring the company’s spa philosophy to life.

“Our aim was to create an original concept that brought together spa and retail in one harmonious offering,” said Anna Doyle, founder of Occo. “Making sure that the natural formulations were developed with integrity was a priority. We wanted to create a brand that didn’t compromise on quality and that people could trust.”

Occo also has plans to build branded spas in major UK cities as well as open retail stores where shoppers can purchase the full range of products.


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One of my friend has taken occo spa. She really appreciates that it relax and re-energise your body. It is done by professionals. It radiants your skin.


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