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Jul 31, 2005
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West Yorkshire
This sounds really funny, but I feel so awkward and am not sure what I should do hence asking you geeks for advice. thanks in advance xx

I've had a large party booking for a while.

The client has booked another independent therapist to work as well as me.

The first one let her down, so she has booked another therapist.

Anyway she told me her name and it's a therapist I have had to email recently as my website seemed to have been copied word for word by this person, with the same design and I emailed to politely request a change.

I am still realing, my site took me months to create and I am a very protective creature when it comes to my work. (Aquarius star sign, very independent, don't like being copied lol!!)

I now feel there are some bad vibes are between us because of this, not that I was rude at all in anyway, in fact I was polite on the email, I never got an apology for what had happened so am a bit miffed but hey ho if people want to copy you they musn't have their own ideas that's IMO

However in my email to the therapist requesting she change the site I did say I work with many other lovely therapists in the region, which I do, and they are lovely, you see we all cross paths at some time despite being competitiors we must work together, but now I do not want to go to this.

I don't want to go to work with a list as long as my arm with work and knots in my stomach worrying if this therapist will say anything.

Gosh I am being silly here.

Not sure what to do.

Do I stick my nose up in the air (hard to do with a broken crooked nose like mine lol) and carry on like nothing happened, or say something?

At the end of the day I have nothing to be embarassed about I did nothing wrong..
blimey, its a tuffy.

perhaps talk to the person who booked you and say that you would rather not work with the person and would prefer not to do the party.

if you do decide to do the party, then you probably won't be in the same room, but if you are, she will probably be just as mortified.

when you emailed her,did she email u back? and did she change her site at your request?
She did change her site, but not much, didn't say anything, I am not happy about doing this now.

I really don't feel comfortable at all. But why should I let the client down when she's been let down once? It seems unfair on her. I think I will just do it and not say a word. Somethings are better left unsaid. Will do some reiki before and after to cleanse negativity!
I think I would do the professional thing..... Honour the booking!

You did nothing wrong in requesting that she change her site. However, it would be a shame to allow it to create very bad feeling, which would undoubtedly happen were you to cancel due to her, etc;

I would go along, not stick my nose in the air, and work as I normally would if I had never heard of her.

Should she say something, then I would be polite and professional about it. I should think she would be feeling much the same as you about doing the booking, and as you say, as therapists your paths may cross again in future.

Although you don't like her copying, and I should hope she has now changed her site. You have to admit I am sure, that it is flattering that someone should so like your ideas that they cannot come up with anything better of their own. Good luck with the party!!!!

Sue x

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