Ok I got one...acetone and the big soak off


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Jan 11, 2003
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On a rare occasion I have had to soak off a clients acrylic and then immediately reapply a new set of nails. The new set of acrylics applied right after the big soak off do not behave as well as acrylics applied to a client that has soaked off her acrylics a few days before. Is that clear?

I know that acetone is very drying and the nail needs time to rehydrate..

so my Q is...

What can I do to shape up that nail when I do not have a few days to wait...when I need to put the acrylic right back on?

Any ideas?
Hi Christie

I always apply a generous amount of Solar Balm over the nails and surrounding tissue then massage Cuticle Eraser and then Solar Oil (all Creative). Whilst this is being absorbed I spend a bit of time working on my client's cuticles. As you say nothing beats applying product to nails that have regained their natural oils (within reason of course) but us girlies just have to do our best ;)

Most of the time they should be OK to reapply... (though I know you are refering to our PL problem awhile back)...
Try using a dissolvant instead of acetone... a bit more expensive but it generally works faster with less dehydration.

What is a dissolvant? I did not know there was anything else to use.
Product Dissolvants accomplish the same thing as acetone... but faster and with buffering agents that help to slow the dehydration process...

CND has one called Radical Solarnail Product Dissolvant... Give it a go.
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