Old timers?

I have been a therapist for 27 years now. Feeling old....

Are there many others on Salon Geek who have done as long a life sentence as me? Would be interested. Still love my job though - its not a life sentence at all!


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Over 30 years now lol! But have done various jobs in that time from salon work, teaching and assessing and now owning my own salon so lots of variety! I think it’s a great industry with lots of opportunities if you want them.

26 years for me. 10 years employed and 16 years self employed.
Still absolutely love the job so much.


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Love this thread...I'm a youngster at 22 years! Still loving every minute but being self-employed helps!


Love this thread...I'm a youngster at 22 years! Still loving every minute but being self-employed helps!
Definitely does help.

32 years!! In hair and beauty and still loving every minute of it x


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Hi to all you lovely people,
After my A levels and a failed start to a degree course that I can't believe I had considered in the first place, I was daft and had really no idea of what to do. I went to the job centre deflated and it changed my life.
I was 19 when I stepped into the salon only offering only waxing and slendertone at the time and started a training scheme called "youth opportunities programme" that was 6 months experience and a full time salary of something like £25 for a 40 hour week. ( my mum had £10 board money at the time ...ouch!!!) that was the reality check for me.
I loved the place I found myself in and had a lovely boss. Nurturing and very kind and I did my training at night school .....those were the days ! My boss wanted to expand and really offer facials, electrical treatments, mavala manicures and pedicures, etc. She wanted to be the first in the area and she achieved just that.
That was nearly 37 years ago.
I am self employed and have expanded into holistics and more recently gel nails and IBX.
I still have 4 clients that I first met at the original salon as my own and our relationship is priceless. We are old now and been through a great deal between us, I just love them! I am so lucky.
So again it is proof that age makes no difference , it's you and your relationships that give happiness that is long lasting.
The problem is that how does one get to actually finish work ???
I can see myself doing my ladies a manicure or eyebrow shape when I'm well into my 70's, my body has lots of wear and tear and the long days standing in the past have taken it's toll on my feet and ankles.
I have a few years yet to catch up with RedStar! Wow !!
Sorry for the essay, it's just so nice to have found this forum, you are all very supportive, thank you.x