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Jenni G

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Oct 3, 2003
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Hi Geeks

Olympia was great on Sunday. Saw everyone from the Creative stands. Was suprised to see that Designer nails had 4 stands altogether including the new Nimue range (which we will be taking on in the salon to compliment our exsisting range). All the stands were buzzing and by far the busiest. Saw and bought the new Brisa gel, can't wait to try it tonight on my sister. Will let you know the results - fantastic I hope! Meet a few geeks on the Brisa stand while talking to Gigi. Said hi to Ketan, Tracey Leja, Samuel and Sam, Amanda, they were all so busy!

At the Elida stand Leighton Denny was doing Michelle from Liberty X's nails who had Andy Scott Lee by her side. They were both very nice and willing to give people their autographs and have pictures taken.

It was a busy, busy day but worth the trip. Congratulatons to everyone that entered the competitions and particularly to those that got placed or won! Ruth your first place nails look fantastic and it is easy to see why they won! I bet you're still on a different planet this morning.

Had a great time though and sifting through all my goodies still this morning! Roll on the next exhibition - so much fun for visitors but so much hard work for the exhibitors.

Jenni x
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