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Aug 10, 2006
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well firstly i have to say i'm trying my hardest to calm down

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 ok i'm a bit calmer i'll continue:

i'm on a forum at the moment which talks about cosmetic surgery and it has little separate forums like on here it has chit chat, in the papers and skincare cosmetics haircare and nails. i must say nothing like on here it is for jo blogs to say which facial wipes are best? that sort of thing. anyway tonight someone has asked about there nails they have a split running vertical down the nail so i answered as best as i felt with my knowledge about the nail i put

"as we get older we do loose oils in our nails that can create vertical ridges"

i had crossed checked this on here first as i do not what to be known as someone who thinks they know everything after a few days training so i felt i had given correct maybe not complete full information but at least truthful. anyway someone had put about enhancements:

"I tried them for quite a while - but they really weaken the underlying nail & I decided I liked my nails quite short."

so i put
" it's not the enhancements that weakens the nails and causes the problems it's a bad nail tech."

sorry no i didn't even manage to look on here for that my little fingers had typed and presses enter already lol.

so this newbie member 19 year old whats Jordan sized boobies puts under my post

nail enhancements do weaken the natural nail because for the time they are on no air is getting to the nail plate so that is why they weaken and bend really easy.

I did my own nail (my pinky) with acryllic 5 weeks ago and it was almost grown out i picked it off it didnt hurt, and my nail was really long really really long about half an inch longer than before i put the enhancement on! and it was so soft and bent when i put pressure on it. it also went clear, a week later it is strong and white!! so yeh its cos of no air getting to the nail plate.

well this made my blood boil she can't even spell Acrylic and she had also so put
Btw im a beauty therapist! in big letters at the bottom of her post

well i have done a search on here and have just been reading the thread by
Bev Rose and the forum she was on and i'm certainly not going down that route as this gal (sorry couldn't resist) sounds proper ard ! :lol::lol:

sorry for adding another one of these threads and if i've gone and plonked it in the wrong place i am very sorry!

Only thing I would have done differently in your first post is said that damage can be caused by improper application or removal - that is over buffing or biting or picking them off or knocking them off. That would then have shown the other woman did the damage herself by picking them off. As for the thing about air, well we all know that is hogwash, nails are for the main dead and so don't need air - however they do lack moisture when enhancements are removed and this is why they can appear a little soft or even brittle to begin with until the natural oils rehydrate it.
Take no notice of her Love.

There are some NASTY PASTIES out there. She seems to think she knows everything about everything..

And if she were a beauty therapist she would know how harmful and damaging it is to pick acrylic off your natural nails. :eek:

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