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Sharon Green

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Jun 7, 2003
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Market town in Herefordshire

Anyone know what days & times the one stop nail in Milton Keynes is open?


I don't know when it is open, but do you have the address. I am in Milton Keynes so if no one knows when it is open I will drive down and look for you.I was just thinking today that I should go down there if I could find it!
It is actually at Aspley Guise - I am there tomorrow on a course so I will find out for you.

Thanks ladies. It is the closest one to me but is still about 85 miles away!


Im now after the address (including postcode) of the Milton Keynes "One Stop Nail Shop" so that I can get directions off multimap.


Sharon Green said:

Im now after the address (including postcode) of the Milton Keynes "One Stop Nail Shop" so that I can get directions off multimap.



Would it not be easier and faster to just ring them or the head office number for the address? 01132755719
i was thinking the same thing but thought "hey, what do i know" :biggrin:
I know what it is like Sharon, it is late in the afternoon and we all want to know things like NOW LOL well I know I do - here's the address:

Unit 3, West Hill, Aspley Guise, Milton Keynes MK17 8DP

Having been there quite a few times and I know that sometimes the maps can take you some torturous routes it may be also worth calling them if you get confused.
I was there today and got some very specific directions from them to help me. It's a courtyard between two white buildings, so I managed to drive past before I spotted them, turned around and then parked in the road outside as the courtyard parking is manic.

I had forgotten that it was unit three and did not see a sign although apparently there is one, so I had to put my nose into another office and ask where it was!

Off the subject slightly, they did not have the new catalogue and had only been sent the March/April newsletter in May! They were complaining that they get treated as if they are a client rather than a distributor which I thought rather sad. So powers that be please look after the shops because they need to look after us!

They were a lovely chatty bunch and I'm booked to do my spa mani and pedi there, but I can't do it until Sept because I'm busy on their other dates :sad:
Hi Debbie

I got my new catalogue from there a few weeks ago, perhaps they had run out.

I spend some much time and money there my hubby thinks I live there lol

Was there last nite doing an NVQ assessment one more to do then that's finished, then have Fabric conversion to do, 1-2-1 with Anne on competition training, then workshop with Ketan in August, have done all the courses possible I think but I just love education and Anne is a great mentor and tutor, hope you have a great day on SpaMan/SpaPed course I did mine last October and was then hooked, Anne, Kelly and all the girls are lovely and so friendly and helpful.

Just make sure you take your credit card when you go lol

Thanks for that Fiona. The reason I cant ring is that Im at work M - F 9 til 5 and it is impossible to make private calls from the office! I only 'sneak' on this site in work time and get just 30 minutes for lunch so I cant call then as Im trying to eat.

Thanks for the directions too, much appreciated.

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