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Mar 10, 2004
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Kent, England
Hi, the local wholesaler near me sells a product from the USA. I believe its changed its name or packaging. At the moment its mostly Green and White.
Has a large O and a (N) inside it with an (S) next to it. I'm looking at the acrylic products they sell that come in a clear packaging. What I want to know is, has anybody tried this stuff and how did you find the finish work?

I know its a bit long winded, but i cant seem to simplify.

xXx Linda 'star nails'
Hi Linda, this is Odyssey Nail Systems and is also available through the UK distributor - Graftons - check out the Links section here for their details.
They are fab to use, good workability and their colours rock, especially the new bubbalicious colection. Excellent to use and don't smell too strong either. Love it.
Thanks, the feedback is much appreciated! I'm wanting to switch my acrylic product for another and it seems in my area i'm quite limited as to which brands that are readily available. I tend to shop near enough when i'm low and dont have much time or money to buy in bulk or on the net.

The products i've got to choose from are Star Nails, that Grafton, and Nail Essentials and some german product though not in abundance (more like end of stock). And the only ones that sell trial kits are the Star Nails of which I am currently using.


you need not limit yourself to what is available locally - most companies will do a mail order service with a next day delivery - it is more important to you and your business to source the best products and the best service which may mean you just being a bit more organised with your stock levels.

I know it is hard in the beginning as you can get into a situation where you cant buy product until you get another client but without that product you may not get another client LOL.

Research all that is available rather than only what the wholesalers sell.
Yes that is true, it is just sometimes easier to see the actual products to choose from than to try to remember products and companies that make them. The mind boggles as to who does what!!!
Besides i'm slowwwww. lol
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