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Aug 13, 2009
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We're holding an Open Evening justto drum up a bit of interest in the salon and perhaps get clients we havent seen in a while to return.

So far my ideas are...

Send a letter to all clients we hold records for, explaining about the night
Prize draw for everyone who leaves their details (name adress etc)
Spray tan for a tenner (v popular at xmas open evening)
Demos of new products (one finger of gelish, one minx/trendy nail wrap)
Perhaps hair demos?

Im struggling to think of hair things to do (mainly cos I think I'll be doing a lot of the spray tanning)

Also offering 10% off appointments booked on the night.

Was also thinking of donating some of the money raised to charity, but really the only money ill be getting is from the spray tans?

Im getting some fizz too of course.

If anyone has any better ideas, could you please help?
A pound to charity for a minx finger?

I did a demo of party hair.

We did it to promote party packages which were fingers/ toes/makeup and hair.

get the email addresses etc to promote your xmas retail/ email alets for lastminute appointment availability/ packages.

You could raffle off a gift voucher for charity.
Give a discount voucher/party bag for everyone who shows up.
Great Thanks.

We are one man down so I'm trying to geteverything as organised as possible so that we are not running about like mad.

Now you've said that, I think we may "showcase" our Christmas offers on the night.

Thanks! :)
Hi Kim
We did an evening showing latest techniques from GHD, nice and quick but good impact. If you sell ghd, might help with selling new christmas limited editions. If it's for charity ask your suppliers for prizes and samples for goody bags!
Hope you have a successful evening.

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