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Jul 8, 2007
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Hi there -

Im wanting some advice from all you geeks. I am opening a salon within my physio practice and I have employed a beauty therapist already. I am wanting some tried and tested advice really and wondering if anyone can help me with the basic start up things i need for the salon. I have already chose my skin care range - its just the things like the waxing(think Im going with PhD) and tweezers and creams for waxing etc. lists much appreciated :0) Many thanks xxx:confused:
Thing is its all such a personal thing especially tweezers and wax preferences i guess the only advice i would give is to not go too cheap and try out things.Dont make any big orders until you have tried the products with your therapists.Maybe they have their preferences and you can take their advice.
I would say the same as Gillian here. It would be difficult for a nail technician to tell a physio what equipment to buy etc, it is the same for nail techs/beauty therapists, let them guide you before making any costly mistakes.
If you have decided on Phd, they have there own pre and post lotion lotion for waxing, and is included in the start up kit.
Tweezers are definately a personal preference, find out if your therapists prefers pointed or slanted to start with. As phd is only available through ellisons, it may be advisable to get your tweezers etc from them, as its easier when you come to make orders.
If you are after a retail brand for waxing, reference (essential beauty supplies) has a large range of skin preparations for ingrowing hairs, retardents etc as well as a fab range of waxes for salon use, and pre and post lotions for all different skin and hair types. they also offer a workshop for waxing techniques for their waxes.

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