OPI Nail Varnish Carry Case?


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Nov 11, 2010
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im just starting up as a mobile therapist and ive been trying to find a carry case specifically for just nail varnishes but ones that would fit OPI? can anyone help?!
thank you soo much! new to all this mobile stuff:) alot you have to think about!
Hiya, OPI do one specifically, it looks really nice. Are you with lena white?
I have the OPI case and it is definitely gorgeous and worth the money. But you need to be prepared that it will only hold 35 polishes in the top, and you will fit a reasonable amount of products in the bottom but it doesn't hold everything I need.

Still nice though.
i too have the case, got it from qvc and love it - might get another just for my shellac ;-)
I too have the OPI case and think its worth every penny.

ive been fancying this for my polishes too. Does anyone know if CND colours and effects will fit? (i assume so as they are smaller than OPI) and can you see the colours while they are in the case? (I hate having to pull them all out to find the one i want!) and also how much room there would be on the bottom if only using them to store polishes?? 35 on top ad how many on the bottom do you think??? Thx :)
cnd colour and effects do fit but not as snuggly as opi polishes which the case has obviously been designed for, but its never been a problem - they dont roll around or anything
no unfotunately you cant see the colours at a glance you do have to pull them out of the trays but i have my colours in groups and pretty much know where each one is, if a client wants red i simply pull out the relevant colours
its quite roomy at the bottom, i have 2 zip up bags with my cnd effects and bit of nail art in one, my top / base coats, solar oil in the other, my tool roll sits on the top of these and there is still some room for retail items such as files, buffing blocks and solar oil pinkies plus of course my business cards
i love my case and have had no end of compliments on it
ooh that does sound quite roomy thank you Sarah :green:

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