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jennie NE

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Mar 9, 2003
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Hi everyone. :D Im heading off shopping on Mon and am going to stop at my distr for supplies and thought about picking up the summer colors from OPI. They look like last years colors. Just wondered if they were or are they much better. I swore I would never buy OPI polish again, since their quality has really gone down hill, but these colors look kinda cool 8)

HAVE A GREAT DAY! :rainbow:


Get them! When I first saw the promotional material, I thought that they were the same colors as last year, they just changed the name. We got them in anyway. I even looked at the actual bottles and was disappointed again thinking that they were the same. THEN, I used the Sanderells since I love purple and thought, okay, that is nice, it is similar to Violet's Surf. THEN..........I saw them in the sun!!!!!!! Last year's collection had a slight glitter to them, this years has this really cool hologram glitter in it that just lights up in bright light or sunlight. It's like diamonds! It is the coolest polish I have seen in awhile. It is nice because the concervative people can wear it without feeling like a teenie bopper wearing glitter polish. The top three in our salon are...

Sanderella - lavendar
Crim Sun - a really cook red/hot pink
A Day at the Peach - peachy color

Hope you get them!
Buy them. Definately get them. We got them in, and they are awesome. Hope that they don't get thick like the other polishes.

I went ahead and bought them and thought they sure look like last summers, BUT they def.are not. They are so cool when you go outside. I think they will be a big hit. I have a big skylite in my nailroom and you can really see the holgraphic in them(if thats what that is). I bought the OPI Legally Blonde ll new set as well and they are very pretty too.

Jennie :sunny:
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