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May 6, 2009
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Northern Ireland

I'm thinking about organising a pamper party to raise funds for my daughters school. I just want to clarify how it works as I've never done this before. I have somewhere organised to hold the party and have got a few dates. What's the next step? Do I now contact local beauticians, hairdressers and womens clothes shops and ask if they would like to hire a table for a fund raising event? Do I write to them, ring them or is it better to go in personally? What do you say? How much do you charge them? I really have no idea. Also, what's the average admission price into a pamper party?

Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you
Hi, we're doing one in December for my son's school. Ours was done through the "Friends of the School" (or PTA Group or the like). I'd suggest ask the head to send something out to the parents as you never know what professions you have as an immediate resource.

We've got at least 4 of us who are in the industry in one way or another and between us we've roped in a couple more therapists we know so we haven't had to go outside the school to any great extent.

In terms of pricing it, we're charging £1 for tickets to get in, really just to get a commitment from people to turn up, then i'd guess it would be good to keep the cost of treatments below around £5 for the mini treatments, just to keep volume high and get as many people involved as we can.

If you haven't got a pool of people within the school then it might pay to approach those salons who are geographically closest to the school as they may be more likely to have kids/nephews/nieces etc with a link to the school.

I'm sure there's lots on here who have already done this sort of thing so hopefully some great advice will be along soon for you.

Best of luck!
x :hug:
Thanks for your reply. The school is a new school and only has 5 pupils and one teacher at the moment. We have to raise £33,000 in this school year to keep it open for next year so we are all trying to come up with fund raising ideas. I went to a pamper party in march for action cancer and we paid £10 to get in, there were about 10 businesses there who were just giving out leaflets and the like, about their business. Nobody was doing treatments. The only person there doing anything was a women giving angel readings for £20 (all money raised went to action cancer). So that is my experience so far of pamper parties. So, from what you have said, I need to get people in that will do treatments at cost price? Is that right? If so, how do you get them to do it?
I guess there's various ways of going about it. What you describe sounds something like a wedding fayre exhibition. You can do it that way, but if I'm honest if I'd payed a tenner entry I would've expect something more than just a leaflet pickup session.

We've decided to go down the treatment route just to get something going on and I guess because we've got a vested interest we're effectively doing the treatments for free and giving the money to the school, but at the same time using it as a marketing opportunity for ourselves. I'm sure some businesses would love to offer mini treatments and therefore opportunities to bring in new clients. We're also retailing and giving a %age profit of that to the school as well.

As well as the usual therapists I'm also trying to get in contact with an image consultant as I think that might be quite a fun thing to add to the list of treatments on offer, you know, these people who tell you if you suit blue or pink etc! Get hold of people who do crafts etc, personalised cards, bespoke photo frames as they would compliment the portfolio well I think.

Sounds like you've got your work cut out!
Has anybody else got any tips
What about a raffle with treatments/vouchers as prizes? Or maybe auction some treatments?

I think mini treatments would work best if they are to be carried out there. Some therapists might do that for free as it will cost them very little and is an opportunity to get new clients. Even something like a couple of quid for a file and polish or a hand massage?

i just took part in a pamper evening for a school charity.
ladies did pay to come in but not sure what, they got goody bags that had leaflets and myself as a beauty therapist had to contribute something to the goody bag, so i put in nicely decorated nail files although i didnt see anyone else put something in.
we done mini treatments that lasted 15 mins and charged £5 but out of that we had to give £1 to the charity.
there was also a raffle draw and food and drink but am not sure if they had to pay for food and drink or if it was included in the price.
i was constantly busy all night and all my appointment slots filled up, as there were only 5 of us and i was the only one doing nails, waxing, there were ladies that wanted my services but i just didnt have enough time.
Thanks for your replies guys. I have organized the ladies night for the end of the month. I've "rented" out 14 tables so far but cannot get a beautician or hairdresser on board. The hall holds up to 250 people so you would think that they would see this as a way of getting more business. I've even asked a new hairdresser/beautician that has only been up and running for a few months and she said no. Never mind. For £5 entrance fee they get goodie bag and a buffet. I am going to offer a choice of hand, foot or shoulder massage and charge £2.50. I read on here a while ago about putting special offer details in balloons and then blowing them up and selling them for £1 and donate that for the school. Each business that has rented a table is also donating a raffle prize so we will be able to get more money selling raffle tickets. Does all this sound ok? Can anybody suggest anything else that I can do to raise more money, or get more business. Thanks in advance

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