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Jun 21, 2007
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A friend of mine has asked about overlays, which do you think are better, acrylic overlays or gel overlays.

Thanks for the advice
Both L+P and UV Gel are acrylic based... it depends on the quality of the product as to the strength etc.
Deciding on which system to use on a client is dependant on their lifestyle, some clients get on with one system better than another too.

If you use a 'top end' product range (high quality) then there won't be much difference between the strength and longevity of either L+P or UV Gel.
I agree with sandi.
but own personal preference for overlays would be gel, its also what most clients come in asking for.
id go with gel too for natural nail overlays.
i am loving my lechat nobilty soak off gel for mine, lovely and flexible so no cracking and simple to apply too.
I'm a gel girl.
I've never used acrylic.

But from what I've been reading over the last couple of years, and 'seen'.... my conclusion is whichever you do best. I've seen great results in both, and I firmly believe it's all in the technician's own skill.

Mind you, there might be the odd client for whom one product or the other is incompatible for odd reasons that aren't everyday...

But....if you are choosing between two EQUALLY QUALITY products, my opinion would whichever one you do best is the one you should do.

Thansk for the advice, Iwill pass it on1
Thansk for the advice, Iwill pass it on1
How long have you been qualified for?
My reason for asking is that this should really have been covered in your training.

What is your friend wanting? Tip and overlay or Natural nail overlay?
What does she do for a living?
Does she have children?
Is she a busy housewife?

All of those things will determine what would be better for her and her lifestyle.

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