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Jul 3, 2004
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Hi all,

I am just about to take amy first course in becoming a nail technician. I have had my own nails once before and that was fine but when I went back to have them filled, it really this normal? It was the use of the electric file that made it really painful.
Hi lisa the simple answer is NO... there should be no pain!!! clients have always told me how gentle I am and how much they enjoy their treatments...and many have said how painful they found treatments before with other techs...they thought when having nail enhancements it was the norm to be in pain as that is all they had ever had...I am appalled to hear this. With care and good technique clients will enjoy their treatments. I have no experience with drills as I have never found the need to use one but again the same applies with the extra care and technique. P.s welcome to the world of nails and good luck with all your training :)
Why do people put up with this!!! :suprised:

This afternoon I completed a set of gel enhancements on a new client. She decided to call me after putting up with pain at a local salon, due to the use of the drill on her nail plate.

She also said that she felt very 'pampered' because I took the time to complete a Client Record Card!!!!! She left looking like a cheshire cat. Makes the job worthwhile I think. :lol: :lol:
it's very sad to hear clients horror stories from other salons. I get quite a lot of clients who have come from local salons who claim their customer care is non existent. They don't sanitise, complete client record cards, push back cuticles when they prep, I was also told that having prepared a client for an acetone soak off they told the client they would be back in 45 mins as they were off to do their shopping!!! I don't mind as it gets me new clients but is not exactly good for the industry.

I also heard of one lady who had all her acrylic nipped off rather than soaked, a client who sat there terrified as she was waiting for us to cut her cuticles and make them bleed as had happened to her elsewhere.
I have found the same and am amazed at how client cards are not filled out and those few customers I have had saying that they have never had a nail prepred like I prep.
On the above note, this may be a stupid question but is there an association that you can join, like with sunbeds you can join the sunbed association to say that you practice safely and responsibly, it is proof that you have insurance and follow a certain code of conduct?

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