paint coming out of airbrush when it shouldnt be


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tracey louise

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Nov 5, 2006
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hi geeks,ive just been practicing using my airbrush on my mums nails whe i got half way through and the paint started coming through when it should only be the air.ive tried taking it apart and cleaning it but it doesnt seem to be making any difference.can someone please help me as i dont know what to gutted
What type and brand of airbrush do you have?
Sounds like your needle is stuck, this can happen if you get a build up of paint on the needle, it wont retract back into place, your needle needs a through clean hth
i have the simair evolution airbrush.ive taken the needle out and cleaned it then put it back in taken it out and wiped it off untill there was no paint on it when i pulled it out and it still doesnt seem to have there anything else i could do? i have also emailed simair but i havent recieved a reply yet.

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