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Jul 29, 2006
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Calgary - Alberta
ok so I would like to add parafin wax treatments to my manicures and pedicures.

where in the service do you add it? I use creative spa range.

How much longer in time and cost does it add to the service?

is there anything particular feature I should look for when I buy the bath?

I assume it is the same bath for hands and feet?

I do the paraffin treatment after I have done the moisture pack ie solar oil and cuticle eraser. I leave them in the mits for at least 15 minutes. This is an optional extra and I charge £5.00 for this service.

I don't offer the treatment for feet I just use the pedicure masks. This is mostly because of the set up in my home salon and I don't want to be carting hot wax around.

I bought my paraffin wax bath from Sallys, I know you can get larger ones to cope with feet but didn't bother as I didn't need one

With the spa manicure range I'd do it over the exfolliating crystals & activator.
I generally use it with solar butter though, it's great for those really dry hands.

I use the one pot for everything, although lately I have started pouring a bit of parafin into the plastic bag & then putting the hand/foot in & manipulating the parafin so it surrounds the whole foot/hand.

This way I do have to move the parafin pot around, or have the client do anything, I think it makes it more of a pampering experience.
I use it after the activator has been smoothed away with a warm cloth.
I leave it on for about 12-15 mins depending on the dryness of the hands, and then follow with solar butter.

I charge £5 extra for this to be added to express and classic manicures but it comes with the Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure.

I have a separate footbath for Pedicures.

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