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sharon h

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Oct 3, 2007
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hi everyone I have just done my paraffin wax course and was wondering what the best unit would be either the bath or the spray cartridge unit? which one would be more cleaner in the salon/mobile environment.
At the salon I work at, we recently purchased one of the cartridge systems... and it was awefull!!! The wax doesn't go on thick enough so you just have a thin coating and it seems to stick more to the hairs than anything... it's horrible to get off, you have to pick it off. We went back to the old fashioned bath system.
That's good to know, I was thinking of getting one of the cartridge ones. I think I'll just save my money.
thank you huberella for replying, I thought as much as my hubby bought me the cartridge unit for my birthday (not used it yet) as he thought it would be easier to use and cleaner. I prefer the bath as I was trained with it. thanks

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