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Jan 21, 2003
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Newmarket, Suffolk
I have a client that has what I believe to be paronychia. Background - she has very tiny nail beds, is a nail biter, suffers from psoriasis and dermatitis all over her body, has to bath in what she describes as an "oil slick" has a host of food allergies. Nails have always been very short in the past because she bites and scratches. Has had all nails off for about 4 weeks but wants them back on. Ring finger on right hand is swollen around the cuticle, split, slightly red with tinges of green under the fold.
Now I'm very concerned that it might be something I have or haven't done properly although I'm very vigilant with hygiene. What's the best way to treat this?
Paronychia is a yeast infection that does appear in the cutical area and seems in most cases to be chronic -- whereby when hands are kept dry the problem lessens, as soon as they are wet the area swells again and looks puffy and whitish and a bit gooey. Never seen green associated with it but ... who knows ... not our place to treat or to diagnose. Anything yeasty usually improves with nystan cream or similar but it is best to get a professional opinion.

Send her to a podiatrist for a correct diagnosis and he/she will advise treatment.

I doubt it can be anything you have done unless it is a simple infection as a result of a cut cuticle. Only you would know this.
This is what I found on the Net lol don't you just love the Cyberage lol

pair-oh-NICK-ee-ah 8)
By Lynn West, MD

Paronychia :twisted: may be caused by repeated injury that creates swelling. It may also be caused by an infection with bacteria or yeast organisms. Swelling lifts the wall of skin underlying the nail and makes the area more prone to future infection.
Paronychia :twisted: may cause swelling, tenderness, and redness of the area around the nail. Nails may be discolored and may grow abnormally. Pus :cus: may leak from the cuticles, which are the thin layers of skin that cover the edges of a nail.

Following are some common causes of paronychia :twisted: : · repeated injury of the cuticle skin, such as in vigorous manicures · repetitive soaking of hands in water at work or at home · excessive hand washing, especially when the hands are not dried properly

Paronychia :twisted: is more common in a person who is prone to bacterial and yeast infections, such as an individual who has diabetes. Repeated bouts of paronychia are common.

Paronychia :twisted: can be minimized by avoiding prolonged soaking in water and by drying the hands well after hand washing.

The organisms :alien: that cause paronychia :twisted: are not usually passed to other people. However, the use of manicure tools that have not been sterilized can transmit the infection.

So after rading this I assume.. :!: .......
She is a picker, maybe prone to hangnails, maybe likes to trim her own cuticles ???The green you see coulds be pus ( not nice and very painful) :huh:

So this could be self inflicted... :evil: ........
I would like Geeg :queen: says refere her to her Derm or Doctor..........
Only some qualified in this field will be able to give her treatment and confirm the diagnosis.......

Don't preform any Nail service on her, this is a contra indication for sure..........Well it is in my

Love Ruth xxx
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