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Jan 29, 2004
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I would like to start offering these. First of all do any of you have any other names for them which are a bit more self explanitary? I was thinking "Temporary tips". What do you think?

Also, should I apply just polish/es or a thin coat of gel? And if gel then what type, a one step rather than a builder? But if the gel is too thin it will probably peel anyway so how many coats?

Thanks geeks! x

What I do for party nails cant think of another name at the mo lol
prep as normal apply tips one coat of resin will dry in no time without activator then a coat of cool set gel brush on activator shape buff job done.

Hope this helps
Dawnie xxx
Hiya, thanks for your quick reply Dawnie! Although I only use gel & am not familiar with resin. But I guess you find applying a system is better than just polish??

Does anyone know what type of gel & how many layers is best??

Also, how long do you find these tips last?

Cheers! x

For "party nails" we use backscratchers dip system (very easy and quick) if you want to use gel you could just do a couple of thin coats of a self levelling one which brand of gel do you use?
Hi pinky,

I offer this service to my clients, and i call them temporary tips. Its a good idea if a client doesnt want to have them on long, or has long natural nails and needs a temp one adding as she has broken one.I just scrubfresh, fit tip, then blend in, be careful not to blend natural nail, as im sure you are! I say to my clients that these will last approximately 4-7 days, however i did a set for a lady who was going to a party at xmas and they lasted her 3weeks!! I couldnt believe it!! When the tip is applied, i just apply polish and a couple of top coats. Hope this helps

Michelle x

I use various gels ~ Akzentz, Young Nails, NSI. All have a one component self leveling gel. But thinking about it, polish would be easier for them to remove & they only want them on temporary anyway!

How much do you charge for these compared to a full set? I charge £32 for a full set of P&W sculptured gels so how should I charge these?

Thanks girls! x
£20-25 should only take about 30 mins
Prices differ for various reasons, where you live in the country, if you work in a salon, or mobile or from home. I charge only 13pounds for this service and it takes me approximately 20-30mins, i work from home. My prices will be increasing this summer, so perhaps i should look at the amount i charge for temp tips, however mainly my ladies have l+p, not so many have the temp tips, im not sure???

I call them occasional Nails last about a week at €15
lindag said:
I call them occasional Nails last about a week at €15
i call them weekenders and charge £18.00
Thanks Debbie & Linda!

Do you apply polish/es or a system once the tips have been applied & how long do you find they last?

Jade x
Pinkies! said:
Thanks Debbie & Linda!

Do you apply polish/es or a system once the tips have been applied & how long do you find they last?

Jade x
hi if you search party nails you will come up with loads of postings ..i have taken the answer below from a previous posting i made .hope this helps debbie:)
i sometimes get asked for weekender nails ...(party nails) especially by nurses who have a few days off work .i apply the tip as normal ...pre blend etc.
then blend carefully so that the join cannot be seen .i then apply base coat and what ever finish the client requires ...polish ...nail art ..french ..then topcoat.i find these nails easily last for a weekend .i applied them to my niece once and they stayed intact for 13 days
I am the same as Debbie. I call them weekenders, cause they normally only last about 4-6 days. I charge £20.00 and use the quick dip system by Alida, which is almost the same as the Backscratchers method.
do you have to be trained to apply party nails
imean trained in nail extentions
from lynda
Thanks for the 4-1-1 on "Party Nails". I only recently heard of them via a C.E. course. I am returning to the salon after a 12-year hiatus and need to get up to snuff on what's new and what's what. I am thinking with prom season shortly upon us, there may be a market for these and want to be ready. I too think I will market them as something other than the above. I think I like "Temporary Tips". :cool:
I apply a really really nthin layer of clear l&P adn then polish if desired
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