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Jan 16, 2016
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hey guys :) I am a junior stylist on minimum wage and I am pretty sure I am working as a senior stylist, I don't know if this should make any difference to my wage? I have done lots of colouring, foils, dip dye, bleach baths and colour corrections sometimes with a bit of guidance. I do get commission if I make 3 times my wages of 10%. My prices are discounted slightly and my boss tells me I am a junior stylist. Would really appreciate some advice :) Thank you :)
If you are slightly discounted and sometimes need guidance I'd say you were working the role of a junior stylist :) if you think your minimum wage needs to go up you should approach your employer :)
Ok tHank you for your advice :)
Are you cutting hair on the floor yet? And when you say guidance is it someone telling you the colours or are you cross checking your choices with another stylist?
If your not cutting you are a junior stylist. I know it seems like your doing alot of the same as a senior.
But it takes a long time to get senior in front of stylist!
Hi yes I am cutting and I am mostly cross checking :) X
Ask yourself
would I be confident to be left without a senior stylist or above for a week if they were on holiday.
Could any client walk in and I would be confident in my choices in cutting and colour to personalise and
to get a professional result in the required time.
If the answer is yes then you are a stylist.
I would expect at least 5 years as a stylist would then be a senior stylist,
Hope this helps
She's quitting her job I think
hello yes i have run the salon on my own for around 7 weeks in 3 years, thank you for your reply :)
I guess it depends how you define 'senior'
How long have you been qualified?
Senior to me is 7 + years after 3 years in training.:)
@smeakk this is what I meant earlier lol just like red star above said :)
Ok well one of the seniors has 2 year exp after level 3 and is on above minimum wage but they would rather me work because the say I am a better hairdresser. I don't get it xx
How long ago did you complete your level 3? Are you currently on nmw or an apprentice wage?
I did level 2 they told me not to bother doing level 3 as I am already working as a level 3 they said and on minimum wage xx
According to Hair Council 6 years in the industry is senior stylist.
I give up this reminds me of Linkles
I was on min wage for 8 years. Its up to the owner x

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