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Apr 28, 2003
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Come on all you pc know-alls, I need some help (so what else is new)
I am trying to put together a basic web site and believe me it will be basic.
I have put in a clip art link for people to email me but it isn`t working, I can`t seem to find the right http for it, can someone help me on this please, be eternally grateful
Debs, it usually is a mailto: email address.
The one you have on the web site I picked up from your profile works fine. Try to copy the code from that one.
I can`t seem to find the code for it, I`m just going round in circles as usual
<a href="mailto:[email protected]"><img src="http://www.samuelsweet.com/Images/Geeky.jpg"></a>
Thanks Sam, but that doesn`t mean a thing to a pc idiot like myself. I tried it replacing your name with mine and got nowhere. I really need an idiots guide
[code:1]<a href="mailto:YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS_HERE"><img src="ADDRESS_OF_PICTURE_YOU_WANT_PEOPLE_TO_CLICK_ON"></a> [/code:1]

for instance:

]<a href="mailto:[email protected]"><img src="http://www.samuelsweet.com/board/images/avatars/2787103523ef5e86a8bd0c.jpg"></a>

Will show your avatar and turn it into a link. When comeone clicks it, it will start their email program with your email address in the 'to' box.
Copy it and try it.
Got it now Sam, thanks
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