Pearl Blonde?


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Nov 3, 2010
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Hi everyone, firstly, let me say how much i love this site, I'm back behind the chair after a long break after having my kids so it's great to be able to swap ideas :)

Ok, so i have a new client, who has always had 'pearl' hi lites. She is about a base 7. I have always used Wella up until now, does anyone have any suggestions as to what colour 'pearl' could be? It's not really ashy is it?

Thank you in anticipation

In Wella, pearl is a /8...but in this case I would get her to bring in a picture of what she gets done. We have all encountered clients asking for something then when you show them your interpretation of this on the chart, its not at all what they want. xx
Thanks Kim,
I've ordered a Wella shade chart so I can get her to pick the effect she is looking for. Handy to know that pearl is a /8

Thanks again hun

watch that if she has very lightened or porous hair and you put say a 9/8 on it right throught the previously coloured hair, it will turn the ends purpley! justbe careful with it!! xxx
Thanks for the tip! She has quite alot of old hi-lites but a good couple of inches of re-grow so should be ok, only going to hi-lite the roots

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