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Hi adele,

Well I am surprised :shock: - did you do the Jessica Manicure course as well. I was told that you had to already have a manicure college qualification before doing the Jessica training. I went to college for 4 months and did a VTCT in Manicure and Pedicure. I am moving back to the Jessica range as although it is expensive, I have not found anything that gives as good results. Sorry I dont do pedicures - not a feet person lol.
never used the jessica stuff,but i trainned with creative.i love the products as do the clients.some clients can't believe how much we do to pamper them.when i first started running the salon i did think about using cheaper product but after seeing my regular clients come back with no dead skin and less calluses i would not dream of it.the trainning was first hand and you learn all about what each product does and what ingredient are in the products and how they work,i think this is very important so when you'r client asks them what you are doing and what benefit it has, you reel off all the info and the customer has so much respect and so much faith in you.
good luck with the course that you do.i really find doing a pedicure just as much relaxing for me as it is for the clientxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;) :D ;)

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Jan 12, 2003
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Interested in doing a Pedi course. Have already been on a Jessica Product training course. I did mention to them that I hadn't had any official training but they said I would be fine. Well I'm not so sure and feel that I really need to do a 'Proper' qualification for this one.......has anyone any suggestions and does anyone use the Jessica pedi range, if so what do you think of it.

Love ya lots, Dellie
I've never used the Jessica line, but I did take the OPI , Backscratchers and OPI pedi course in school. I currently use the OPI pedi line and love it.

I agree with Ange, I love the OPI range, although I did't do their own course, I had a college qualifician. I bought starter pack & that came with a video for advice on the OPI technique. I got mine from Lena White LTD, but Sally hair & beauty do them too.

Kitty :meow:

Hi Fiona

The only manicure course I did was with Backscratchers, a one day course!! Amazing isn't it. You see this is what I'm thinking, you've gone to college for 4 months and I've done 1 day....hmmmm.

What course did you do?

Speak to you soon, Adele
i havent even done one day manicure :oops: .and i was at college for a year doing nvq(1 night a week) .had to do a manicure at work on sat didi i know what to do ,NO so i just made it up as i went along ,was not happy at all :( .have been looking to do a manicure course but cant afford to at the moment ,but then again i cant afford not to.

It's amazing isn't it, I would definitely have thought you would cover basic manicure whilst doing your NVQ

All the best, Adele
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