peeling nails can anyone help?


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Sep 25, 2003
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wallington surrey
Hi all :D
I done a set of nails on my self last night,
prepped properly done all the things i normally do,
woke up this morning to find that they had started to peel from
the tip down and i don't know why,
the only thing i used different from any other time was white tips,
could this be the problem and if so why.
i would be grateful for any replys.
i`m just grateful that i tried them out on my self first. :oops:
many thanks
lisa :(
did you remember and take the shine off of the white tip first before applying your overlay?

yes i remembered that, also i forgot to put in that they were gels,
would that have made a difference.

thanks :flower:

Well Lisa,

You must know that gels with french tips, Liquid and powder with french tips and wraps with french tips ALL work successfully for the technicians who make their business using them .... therefore ... ah I think you must assume that it is you who are doing something that is not quite right and not blame the tips or the product.

Unless you can be observed whilst in the process of performing a set of nails, it is highly unlikely that your problem can be solved by any of us on this site. There are so many questions that spring to mind.

Are you using a system? Or are you mixing someones tips with someone elses product. Tips vary in different ways such as are you using cheap acetate tips or ABS plastic?

Where did you train and doesn't it make more sense to go back to your trainer for help on this one? One would need allot more information to be of service to you.
This happened to me the first time I did gel with white tips on a client. I was really horrified, but I called the person who had trained me and she suggested that just removing the shine from white tips was not enough - you really have to use some abrasive to get a key. I have used this advice and it has never happened again.

A long time after when I trained with Creative I learned about thinning the tip right down to give a much better appearance, and this helps even more!
Hi Guys
Thank you for the advise, i must admit i only
rubbed over the tips lighty so i will try a little harder,
if that doesn't work i will call my trainer.
Many thanks
Lisa x :D
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