Perfume bottle charm bracelet


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Jun 11, 2004
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I am desperately searching for a silver charm bracelet that has perfume bottle charms on it. I saw one in a magazine that was from New Look but they only sent it to 2 stores that are remotely near to me & they've sold out. I can't look at the Northern stores because they don't do store transfers or take payment over the phone & post stuff to you. I was really disapointed to miss out so was wondering if anyone knows of anyone else that does one? Thanks guys x
hi have a lookon e bay i sell the nail charm ones perhaps someone is sellin the one your looking for hth xx
Maybe if they can find you a store that has one in one of us geeks near that store could collect it for you and post it to you..
Worth a try hun..x
I will have a phone around & see if I can find one. Good idea, thanks x

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