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Nov 30, 2005
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Not sure If i have asked this question before, but does anyone on here has naturally curly wavy hair that has had a perm to help define their wave or curl?

reason I am asking as I have curly ish hair, have started leaving it eau naturelle, rather then dry and straighten.... but its not behaving well! I used to have perms years ago and they were awful poodle types they would last for years as my hair obviously had its own curl so it used to grow out.

I remember only having to leave the perm solution on for 10 mins max.
Im really in 2 minds whether to try and find a really good salon that hopefully has the experience in perming...its such a thing of the past round here....saying the word perm is almost as bad as swearing!! perms= old people and shampoo and sets!
Surely not?!!

Also I have my old perm rollers and the largest I have is the black ones, does anyone know of any larger? the molten browners (soft flexible rods) were never that thick in diameter if I remember rightly and I didnt relly like them myself. In my mind Id have normal perm rollers wound in the spiral technique the largest of course, am tempted to wind one myself and do a test curl...perms were my thing back in the day!! could wind them in my sleep!! lol

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