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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
Hi there,
Ok I bought some of the pink gel adhesive, the first time i used it I was super pleased with it, the product still i am happy with, however the container I am not happy with at all, :( I must be a real dip stick or something because I can not get to grips with it.

I squeezed from the middle of the tube and carefully wiped the top after use however the next time, i struggled to get the lid of and then no adhesive would come out, since then every time I use it i have to cut the nozzle and then squeeze until i am blue in the face and then when I put it down more and more glue continues to come out.

:fire: It is driving me mad, such a super product that i am over the moon with but just get so mad with trying to use it, is there anything I can do to make it easier?

Grace x
Try only squeezing from the very top

squeeze the tube slowly when you use it , you could be putting too much pressure on and when you put the lid back on it is still coming out so this is why your lid is stuck!!

Take care

cazza :D :D
Try putting some oil on the tip and in the cap. Works for me. :D
The metal tubes can be a little temperamental at times.
The best bet is to squeeze gently from the centre of the tube. When you are done, rotate the tube 1/4 of the way and squeeze the centre to 'burp' the tube. This sucks any adhesive left back into the tube.

Sounds a bit confusing... but its really not ;)
hey geek as a rule which gel bond is better to use with velocity tips pink to help with the shadows when blending or does it not make that much difference? can the pink be used with the radical tips or is it best to stick (no pun intended :D ) with the clear gel bond. have invested in some of each and want to put it to the best possible use!! cheers hun! :D
to be honest, I have found that it really doenst matter too much. I almost always use pink as it helps to hide any imperfections.
thanks geek ;)
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