pink silk with fabric#?


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Aug 31, 2003
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Can i use pink silk with fabric# or can i only use the silk/fibreglass that comes with it :?: Also how do i do a fill-in with fabric# :?: And can i use my normal adhesive to put tips on :?:
can you get pink silk......
Hi tiaria

You can use adhesive for the tips, but why not just use your bond? that's what I do.

For a rebalance i only tend to put more fibreglass/ silk on if their is some problem with the nail (which seems to be thankfully rare with fabric# D ) or after a couple of appointments. Just go through all the other stages, making sure too reseal the free edge.

Can't help you about the pink silk, sorry, i'm sure some one will know though!

best wishes
Sue x
If you pm me with your email address I will send you the rebalance instructions.

You can use any fabric with the system - if you like pink - then use it. All the resins are pink though so be careful you don't get nails that look like the client has a heart condition!!! :D
Well guys pink silk............
Pink Silk can look fab, but I only use it in the natural tips.............and then only if there nail bed is lacking in lustre............if someone has got a nice pink nail bed, then I wouldn't use resin, pink silk, they will,as geeg said look like they are about to have a heart attack lol.......
but you will have to judge it by eye, if you know what I mean........
The pink silk doesn't hide blemishes I have found, but will make them more prominent.....
Will have to try the pink silk on sculpting with Fabric# yet and it might just look fab on the right nail bed..............
So I keep my options open................if it looks good and feels good, go for it

just a thought
love Ruth xxxxxxx
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