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Mar 22, 2004
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Rudgwick, West Sussex
Hi everyone.

I have just started working freelance in a local salon a couple of days a week, but have been doing nails for just over a year working from home.

I did a clients nails in the salon a couple of weeks ago and she had really soft and damaged nail plates from having nails in the past and putting stick-ons on and picking them off, she also had really bad separation of the nail bed and plate on one nail.

Anyway I did my best with her nails and was very careful not to over buff etc.
She came back to have infills done on a day when I wasn't working and had them infilled by someone else. I have just been told that her nails were in a pretty bad state and had lifted really badly.

I know that I preped the nails thoroughly and lifting is not normally something that I have a problem with, with my other clients.

Do you think that this could be because of her poor natural nails? She also forgot to take her solaroil home with her.

Hopefully someone will have some ideas as I now feel that I am completely crap and that they won't want me to carry on at the salon anymore.

Please help!!!!

No Kirsty ... you are not crap and I doubt if they will want you to leave the salon.

The stronger the natural nail, the stronger the enhancement.
The weaker the natural nail, the more prone the enhancemeents will be to lifting and cracking and other problems. This is a fact and makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Next time you come across this situation ... warn the client and make a note of the condition of her nails on your CRC (client record card) ... no one can guarantee their work on nails like you described. Partner with the client for weekly visits (just like a nail biter) until the natural nails start to grow through healthy and firm and strong again. You should both agree at the initial appointment to work together to help her natural nails heal themselves.
Thanks Geeg

You've put my mind at rest a bit!!! I think it was really unfortunate that I was in the salon on my own when I did her nails so had no input from anyone else. I should have told the owner of the salon about it because I think they may have been the worst nails I've ever seen!!

Hopefully I can sleep a bit easier tonight (didn't sleep a wink last night for worrying about it!!!!).

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