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Nov 14, 2007
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hi all

please help i am new to nails and have just been on the creative foundation course, i am really struggling with the smile lines they look uneven and very blurry what am i doing wrong! any advice will be greatly appreciated. i know practice makes prefect but i have been doing them every night for the last 4 weeks and making no progress what so ever. starting to feel useless to say the least.
This tutorial on site whould help...

Also...where do you think you are going wrong?
Is it your mix ratio...too wet and therefore you have no control....too dry and just won't move for you!!
Are you actually pressing and guiding the product where you want it to go??...or just pressing your bruh on top, hoping it knows where to go :lol:

Don't worry it will soon all come is still early days.
Also there are 121 skill building classes available to concentrate on problem areas.

Often it is a better idea to do a small skill building class with someone who will be able to immediately see where you are going wrong and help you than to keep practising the wrong way again and again.

Try to relax and to move the product gently and with tiny baby presses. The tutorial above is good and the techniques are also covered in 'nailclass' my book, available from mundo
thank you both i have just found the tutorials on this site and printed them all off so i shall read and practise tonight hopefully it will shed some light on where i going wrong. many thanks again

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