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Apr 23, 2004
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I've just completed Creative's foundation and loved it. I'm eager to try all sorts now, including using rhinestones - however, I don't have any experience and nobody to ask as I don't work in a salon.

Please tell me, step by step, how I would use rhinestones with L&P and have them encased as opposed to sat on top of the L&P. I really want to create the St George's flag on my sisters nails using rhinestones, but when I've tried on my own, I've embedded a stone on the wet acrylic, allowed to dry and then applied a little clear over the top......but, when I come to file and buff etc, I end up making the stone look like a flat stone.

What am I doing wrong? Please help.

Well do remember that if you are going to embed anything, the nails are going to have to be thicker than that thing you embedded.

Put the thinnest layer of l/p on the nail so the bond is perfect- Smooth until just the thinnest layer is on the nail and gently, with only a damp pad, scrubfresh.

Adhere your rhinestones using gelbond and then add your final layer of L/P over the top leaving enough to buff down to a beautiful shape without 'digging' out the stones!! :lol:
Thanks hand here I come!!!

Someone told me that the training hands were really good cos they were always there to practice on, they sit still and never moan......I've used mine so much I'm sure I can hear a wail when I arrive home at night!!

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