Please I beg for help.. Need guidance and mentoring fast!


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glam squad

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Nov 12, 2007
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Although I read the forms and postings everyday, I just actually joined so I am a NEWBIE. Please be ...But I think you guys & gals here are terrific...

I am a new nail tech ( fresh out out three weeks ago) I live in the US ( TN) and the school I went to was the most HORRIFIC experience of my life. I REALLY didn't learn anything other than what I already knew... ( I have a friend who has been doing nails for 14 yrs and for the past 2 she was kinda like my mentor). I basically had to teach myself by research and trial and error.

My goal is to be the best that I can. I know I have the potential, I just need a little guidance from people who have had proper teaching and have been doing it longer.

I was wondering if anyone here knew of any workshops/ classes for Creative, NSI, EZFLOW or what have you in the SE US, or just nail stylist workshops period!

I have been working with creative and I really like it, so I would love to be "certified " in CND products.

I just have so may questions that are going through my brain. I just hope that I don't bother anyone with all of them. I promise to read all the boards to make sure I don't duplicate a question.
Good luck getting it all sorted.
Sounds like you had a horrible schooling experience - what an unfortunate waste!

As far as CND goes, you can go to their website and enter where you are in the US and it will show you what classes are available under EDUCATION.... First you have to register, though.

I am taking the Brisa class myself very soon in Canada I found the course through the CND site. HTHs
Enjoy the site - it will help you heaps.:hug:
Hi glamsquad! I am fresh out of school in TN also. My experience in school was horrible as well. I recently developed an allergy to acrylics so I will only be doing manis and pedis. This is somewhat of a relief. I don't feel confident with my enhancement work. Hope you find some info and help. Have you taken your state boards yet?
Hey Glamsquad,

I am in school and self teaching especially when it comes to acrylics. My school doesn't even teach gels. Anyways I contacted the CND educator in my area via the web site and calling the company direct. I am sure you can do the same. also check for nail and/or beauty shows in your area or you and your friends can take a "Road Trip" if one is not to far. Also you might want to check out some salons that offer training and or find a mentor.

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