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Mar 18, 2004
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I did a shout but aint getting much responce ... I am looking at doing some more training through The Carlton Institute Of Beauty Therapy, Advanced Nail Tech.
I was wandering if there is any one out there that has done this training or any other training with this company .. that would be willing to share some of the experience with me .. its £700quids worth of training, I just after some pointers that I am heading in the right direction :biggrin: .. would be great to hear from anyone who has .. ether through this site ..or right to me door in email at .
[email protected] would be even better if a tech in a teaching roll could let me know if this was the right qualifcation to be doing .. looking at the IHBC .. any help would be most appreciated:?:
Hi there,

I have recently trained with Carlton Institute (nail extensions and nail art - did my manicure/pedicure course elsewhere) but I know that it is only a foundation to my training. The one day courses are far too short to learn everything. I am also doing the NVQ with them so I can gain further qualifications. Once I have been practising and training for a year, I am then going to get specific product training, and will probably do a Creative Conversion course.

Carlton are good - but they only teach you the basics! They didn't even show us how to do an infill or rebalance on the course. And I came away knowing that I had a lot more learning to do.

I hope this helps somehow. Good luck

I initially trained with Carlton and although the staff were very helpful I don't think that I was given enough training. I did the advanced nail tech course....3 days.That is half a day for manicure and half a day for pedicure, one day for nail extenions and a half day for nail art. Three days is not nearly enough time to learn what you need to know before working on clients. The information was basic and you only get to practice extensions on a couple of nails!

Having said that it is a good starting ground as long as you have adequate funds to do plenty of other courses.

I did my training (If that's what you can call it!! :o ) with the same lot. The one's day training I received is not enough to learn all three systems, go through hygiene, nail disorders, client consultation,etc.

I can't fault the staff, very friendly and nice but we were only shown how to use fibreglass ( which is my most popular service :biggrin: ) only got to do two gel and two acrylic nails and wasn't shown how to rebalance.

The course made me see that I wanted to do nails but I also had alot more to learn. That was two years ago and I have since trained with three other companys and only have had the confidence to go mobile six months ago.

Spend you money wisely and good luck with whatever you choose.
I too trained with Carlton and training was very basic, knowing what i do now i would have spent more money on my initial training although i am currently doing my VTCT and i do think that you never really know everything things change all the time in the nail industry so you also learn along the way.

Hi Qwinn- I also trained with Carlton Institute & recently posted a question about further training on here too!

I did the 2 day nail technician course which was around £500 and echo exactly what the others have said. The staff were very friendly & professional and their head office are very supportive with any questions either before or after the course. However, I too think that it's far too basic - I had the crazy idea that I'd come away from the course being able to start up in business straight away and make my money back fairly quickly, and that was over a year ago. We did one day mani/pedi and the second day nail extensions - one hand of acrylic, one hand of gel, and watched a demo on fibreglass. No maintenance or repair. My plan now is to start a course at college part time in September to do the VTCT course as that way I'll get a bit more in depth training and hopefully loads of experience. Then I'll be able to start mobile and hopefully do a product specific course thereafter. Hope this helps!
I think training at a college is a good idea I finished my V.T.C.T course in March, the course covered everything needed to start up. Everything was covered from health & safety legislation Code of practice for hygiene. Students were assessed on all of the procedures of applying commercially available nail structures how the products work, M.S.D.S.sheets
and lots good luck with your future training.


Many thanks for your encouragement! I'm really looking forward to starting the courses - i've enrolled for the mani/pedi course which is around 14 weeks, then the nail extensions course for around 10 weeks additional. I figure that will give me a good grounding and some experience to know a bit more about it all. It's so reassuring to have such a great bunch of experienced technicians to ask all our beginners questions to! Thanks again!
In my opinion one day to learn extension is not right, I personally would not go with this trainig company (dont slam me with post it juist my opinion)

Creative do a Four day foundation course in which you learn about the natural nail and how to apply extensions, do refills and any queries that you have, there is then an exam at the end, i thing any course for a new tech to learn enhancements must be at least the 4 days
have to say i agree with Lindag, one day on extensions is nowhere near enough. The course i did with Star nails was 6 days long spread over 3 months so you had time to practise in between.

It was 1 day mani, 4 day extension, 1 day nail art. I have also just booked my advanced level one in acrylic L&P with Star, and then i have 2 more days to do, if i pass i get my diploma in L&P. You can never have enough training i think, you don't ever know it all.
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