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Jun 30, 2004
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stourbridge,west mids
i have dune the bella mani manicure & pidecure courses and was wondering can anyone tell me what polish/varnish they use and would recommed to other nail tech's.

many thanks!
The things I want in a nail enamel range are these.

* Lots of gorgeous colours and new collections 2-3 times per year that reflect fashion trends.

* An enamel that covers really well with 2 thin coats

* An enamel bottle that is easy to hold in one hand but looks up to the minute.

* A brush in the bottle that fans out perfectly to fill the cuticle and create a perfect flawless line.

* An enamel that dries as quickly as it is possible to do.

* An enamel that never goes thick in the bottle and that I can use up.

* An enamel range that is branded and recognized and asked for by the public because they see it regularly in the magazines and worn by the celebrities of today.

Creative Colours do all these things and that is why they are the ones for me.
Bella Mani is all part of United Beauty if i'm not mistaken, which is also to do with Star Nails. They have a nail varnish range called Attitude. I personally love their colours and they do go on very well, last well and have a good range of colours.

I also like the creative colours too so would recommend those as well, they have a very good range as Gigi said.

Its always good to look around to see what you like personally, but i do like my "Attitude" polishes alot so give them a go if you wish and see what you think.
i like opi nail enamels there are lots to choose from and don't chip, i have been lucky and picked them up cheaply from e- bay, they are a bit more expensive, but i believe you get what you pay for. i have heard that creative and jessica are a popular enamel (based on what i've come across in salons)

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