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Jan 9, 2008
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Hey geeklings

I have possibly found a mani and pedi course that I would like to do. However, it does not cover luxury services such as paraffin wax etc.
Can I still carry out these services(paraffin wax) if they have not been covered on the course, from an insurance point of view?

Sorry if that sounds dumb! Just want to cover my back and make sure I pick the right one!

Why not phone your insurance to check?

I think you would just incase you do it too hot and end up burning a poor ladies hand!!
Thank you so much for your reply, I really appreciate it. The problem is I have not signed up to an insurer yet as I am not mobile yet, (still dragging my sister and mum over to be models!)

Anyone else have any insight?
I've just done paraffin wax at college and there is a technique to it (it's not just about slapping it on) and also the health & safety aspect.

Even if you are just practising on F&F it is best to be insured, many companies offer student insurance which is very reasonably priced.

Thank you Michelle, I am going to be looking into this insurance!
Does anyone else know?
It will only cost you the price of a phone call to ask your preferred choice of insurer this exact question, so why not give them a ring? That way, you will be able to make an informed decision based on they advice they give you.
why do you want to offer a service that you are not trained in? Why not look into a different course that offers it or upgrade the course you're currently taking. I wouldn't want to put my clients or my rep on the line to offer something I knew nothing about. JMHO
Thank you guys for your advice. In going to go with somewhere that offers the whole shebang! Xxx

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