Possibly jobless in next week!


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Jun 11, 2004
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Just found out that the college where I am temping part time will no longer need me from next Friday as they have fill all the vacancies I was covering. I'm upset because although I've been bored out of my mind with the work (admin), I've got less than 2 weeks to find the job I want rather than do another job & then leave plus I feel like I'm part of the team here. I'm working part time in a tanning shop but they haven't got any other vacancies & I've a feeling I won't be able to find another job to fit round the hours that I'm doing there so will have to leave there also & take something full time. So, I could be unemployed next week. However, I'm trying to be positive & see this as an opportunity/kick up the behind to go into the field of nails & make up full time. In which case I'd like to brush up on my make up skills & fast!!

So, the point of this thread is, does anyone know of make-up companies that do 1 day courses that will show me different ways of doing eyeshadow etc. I know Make Up Forever used to do 2hrs for £60 or a day for £200 but it focused on exactly what you want to learn. This is the kind of thing I'm looking for. Please help.

Ok rant over...

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