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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
Last week Mrs. Geek happily rubbed in my face the fact that she had surpased me in my post count.

Since she is still down in London till tomorrow, I thought I would greet her with a big ol suprise by posting like a wildman tonight.

After spending the past several hours in a typing craze, I smugly clicked on the memberlist link, changed the Select sort method to 'Total posts', changed the Order to say 'Decending' and then clicked Sort...

Only to discover that I am 4th place! Crikey... what the world coming too?
Even this half witted attempt to increase my post count will do little to close the gap between myself and the top 3 posters... sheesh... cant a geek get a break? :rolleyes:
Since she is still down in London till tomorrow, I thought I would greet her with a big ol suprise by posting like a wildman tonight.

You will have to think of another suprise then for her.......................

lol and I have A suprise TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just asked Layla to be my model for Manchester and she kindly agreed,
So Sam what you think of that then.....!!!!!!!......Competition Geek and Competition Model Geek............
Now we all know Layla is doing her foundation with creative soon, but I had a thought too...........this will give her first chance insight into the competition world and then she will know what's what and thats is a huge learning curve for her as well as me................
Then she will know that it's fab, very addicitive and a lot of fun in a stressfull way too....................

So thanks Layla as usual you are a star................
love ya babe
love Ruth xxxxxx
:rolleyes: :D :rofl: You nutter!! LOL!!! Was this topic jus an excuse for an xtra post rating then?! pmsl

Lol duuuum di duuuuuum and you thought you wouldnt see me again for a long while mwhahahahahahahaa :twisted:

And Ruthy, daaahhhling, its an honour to be your model! :) lol, jus dont make me sleep on the roof ok??? Might break a nail by hanging onto the chimney ;-);-)

Lets hope its goes ahead then eh?! ;-)


ps ooh another post me me hahahaahah
Never though of looking into that Sam, but hey, being just behind you isn`t bad is it?
Quality not quantity :D
kickin' your butt babe!!! :rolleyes: :oops: :shock: :D I tried to post at the hotel last night but it was misereble and I can't edit in this section!! :oops:
wwwelll you have been busy i got on here and the grand geek has been typing like a nutter lol the key board must be smokin' :D
whats doing about this book? you should do that one as like i said nobody likes to read all the yawny stuff that yep is so important but hey you make it a giggle make him do it mrs geek!! dont think us geekettes ever get bored of reading sams work!:D it'll fly off the shelves :shock:
nickki jonesx
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