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Aug 24, 2010
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I'm studying Massage at the moment and my sister in law has asked if she can have a massage. However, she has just had a baby (he's a week old now) and I just want to check and see if it's okay. I have googled and from what I can tell there shouldn't be any problem as long as I don't go too deep, particularly around the tummy area which I would probably avoid for a few more weeks. Aside from ensuring she is aware of the contra-actions, is there any other adice? xx
ooo i'm very intrested to know this too, i would of thought wait til their 6 week check at the doctors on the safe side as things might not be right (if that makes sense) but knowing me i will be completely wrong hehehe
That was my thinking too but from what I've read it's ok and can be beneficial........lets see if anyone else has any more info for both of us xxxx
I did some research on this for my massage course work for ITEC - first point - SPEAK TO YOUR INSURANCE :)
If they don't have any specific restrictions then assuming that there were NO complications in birth - no epidural, no c-section, no reason to suspect blood clotting etc then yes, a full body massage can be done. Don't do anything other than relaxing, no deep tissue anywhere - so no hard petrisage strokes. Avoid the tummy area, this has just taken some serious hammering in the last few days and you want to leave it to heal in it's own time.
If there is any complications like epidural or c-sec etc then I'd recommend asking the mum to get a doctors note to state you are fine to massage to cover yourself.

Be aware that a massage that releases all the toxins from the body can effect mood swings - and after a delivery you need to be aware of post natal depression. For that reason alone I would not massage someone until you are fully qualified personally and you are more experienced... That's just me though :)
I would avoid tummy area, if she's had a 'normal' birth you can go ahead and massage as usual. You may want to put a couple of rolled up towels above and below her boobs so she's not resting directly on them. They'll be tender and uncomfortable if she's breast feeding. Just keep asking her if the pressure is ok and let her guide you.
I've had a few clients comment that they experience and increase in milk production too, so it can be a win win situation. I personally have massaged loads of women pre and post pregnancy and they've been fine. Just make sure to let tell them to let you know if anything feels uncomfortable.
Thanks Ladies, you've been really helpful. As it's my sister in law and I know that she's suffering I think I will go ahead and do the massage but avoid the tummy area as suggested. I will ensure that she is fully aware of what to expect afterwards, I'm not sure if she's still trying to feed him or not as I know she was having trouble but will let her know, could be what she needs to get things going for both of them xxx

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