Posting gels with Royal Mail


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Nov 9, 2013
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Hello! I am quite new on here - well I have been reading for about a year now but only just become brave enough to start posting. I and a natural nail Tech and I am trying to master sculpting.

Now can any one tell me if there is a rule about posting gels? I am sure I saw something last time I went to the post office. Thanks xxz
Yes, you have to declare it so they put a special sticker on it! And you can't post more than. 4 in a psckGe
Thanks EmJ, do you know why? Xxx
They're flammable, so the sticker alerts the Royal Mail to that. They're then not left in hot places.
What if they are mini pot of gel? Is it still just 4? I have just read somewhere that each bottle shouldn't exceed 30ml. Well these are only 9ml pots :0/.
I'm not sure, my local post office are really helpful so maybe go into yours and ask? If you don't follow the correct procedures apparently they can either send them back or just destroy them if there's no return address!
Yes I shall ask them. I have about 9 small pots I won't to sell but with postage cost it makes it not worth the bother. The cheapest way would have been to sell as a job lot and post as one package. I think I will have to brake down in to smaller lots and pay more in postage :0/ xxx
The rule is quite simply

No more than four pots in package and no pot can be over 30g

So even if you want to send 5 pots of 9g each you cant -!! Bizarre rule

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