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May 25, 2015
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I want to start posting to help boost my client bookings as I find pretty much everyone isn't keen to pay extra when they can get a full set locally for £18 (even though my starting offer isn't much more than this! and will go up once I have some clients!) I used to have a blog but it was mostly for me to have somewhere to keep my nail art but i realise that it might work in my favour if i start educating those looking at my page and blog, to hopefully make them realise the benefits of paying just that bit extra! I also want to do some posts about aftercare and different nail shapes. I'm keen for suggestions for posts in this kind of vein; topics that are good to know for a nail client without giving out too much free advice that are easy to read but informative without being long and boring! I'm in the planning stages of one about NSS salons and MMA as they're so prevalent in my area but I want to start scheduling posts, so they can be regular things for my page and blog. Also, i figured this might be something others might want to do, and that maybe we could share these posts as guest posts from others on our pages? xx

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