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May 22, 2014
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Can anyone tell me which other PR wax can be used for all areas. I use Euroblonde for everything but I'm finding that when I'm doing intimate waxing not all the hairs are coming out. I really press the wax down firmly but I'm still finding hairs left. I am KL trained. Some geeks say Homme is good, can this be used for all areas including facial waxing.

Thanks Jane xx
How much oil do you use? With euroblone you need les oil to grab thicker hair. Homme works better for thick hair but isn't to amazing on thin invisible hairs. You can use homme for everything but some clients may be sensitive to fragrance and homme is quite strongly scented.
I'm using the new Blue wax at the moment as well as Homme and I like them both. I've tried all the PR waxes but I find these two the best. You need to really have the skin stretched when you apply and push down to the skin with the wax. If they don't all come out you can just go over again. Good luck.
Thanks for replays. I take it the PR Blue can be used on all areas?

Jane X

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