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Mar 3, 2013
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Hope I'm in the right place here. I'm over from nails, I have started doing my Level 2 beauty at college and would like to practise facials. I have a reclining chair in my nail room that I use for pedicures and eyebrows, the legs come up individually, and the back reclines into nearly a lying position. It has a small head rest plus two armrests. Do you think it would be possible to practise a facial treatment on this chair? All my nail clients say how wonderfully comfortable it is.
I would really like to get some practice in, and this would be only for my partner and maybe my fellow students from college, NOT on any clients.

I don't see why not, it will give you the chance to practice your technique at lest until you can get a couch for you clients, just make sure you are taking care of your posture x
I would give it a go and ask for feedback from your guinea pigs
Thanks ladies! I have two fellow students visiting me on Monday so I might get them to try it out and see how they feel. I wont be offering facials in my business but I want top notes for my college assessments.

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